Q. How many members do you have?

      The club has been running for over 20 years. We have about 100 people on our email list.  On a typical evening there are about 24 people playing - that's 5 tables.  Both women and men are welcome to play.

Q. Do I need a partner?

      If you have never played at the club before, you should contact us before coming, so that we know to expect you.  We will also try and find a partner for you, if you need one. Often people turn up looking for a partner so you should be able to play, even if you haven't arranged a partner in advance and just turn up.

Q. In which way is duplicate bridge different from rubber bridge?

      We always play duplicate bridge at the club.  In duplicate the hands are pre-dealt, and everyone ends up playing the same hands, against different opponents.  So at the end of the evening, you can see how well you did compared to everyone else. Many people find duplicate a lot more enjoyable and challenging than rubber bridge. Several people who come to the club for the first time have never played duplicate before.

Q. What standard of play is expected?

      This is quite varied.  You are expected to have played bridge before, but there is a wide range of abilities in the club.

Q. I am interested in learning how to play bridge, do you provide lessons?

      If you are interested in learning to play Bridge contact the Secretary: Christopher Dee on 07889-153145, as he can organise beginners' classes.

Q. What systems do most people play?

      Most people play ACOL, but a lot of people play BENJI with some players favouring Standard American.

Q. What conventions do most people play?

      This is quite varied, but most people play Stayman, Transfers, Blackwood / Roman Key Card Blackwood.

Q. How can I find a partner in advance?

      If you let us know your email address, we can add you to the club's mailing list. Once you are on this list, you can send email to the group to try and find a partner for a particular evening.

Q. How can I join the club's email list?

      If you have already played at the club, send me email by clicking here including your name and phone number.  Alternatively call Chris 020 7266 1358

Q. How much does it cost?

      We charge table money of just £4 per person for members / £6 per person for non-members for each session.  (SIMS are charged at £5 for members and £7 for non-members) Annual membership is just £6.